A new standard global communcation and ID network

Set Origin is a common ENUM network that joins traditional telcos and modern platforms

Route phone calls without phone carriers, and upgrade them, for free

Seamlessly contact anyone in the network and upgrade the call with features like video, presence, chat, call subject, ID, and more.

Turn a phone number into a profile

Network entries have a profile which covers the communication channels they are available at, allowing you to pick the most effective method.

(415) 511-9904


David Mastro





Number not on public network? Still get owner name for nearly any number for just $0.01

Upgrade your communications

Control Your Information

Set a centralized record of how you can be contacted and who you are.

Save Costs

Route communications directly to where people want it to be, completely removing the expensive telecom middlemen.

Get Call Subject

Know, and tell, what the call is about so you can get the information you need and avoid what you don't

Utilize Presence and Channels

Know when someone is available, and the best communication channels to them.

Simple to use

We focus on making the network easy to use, and available via both an API and ENUM DNS. Just pick an interface below to see an example.

$ curl https://api.setorigin.com/phone/+14155119904

  "name": "David Mastro",
  "emails": [
    "[email protected]"
  "website": "davidpmastro.com",
  "profiles": {
    "twitter": "davidpmastro"
  "messaging": {
    "whatsapp": "14155119904",
    "telegram": "dpmastro"

Advanced access for platforms

Leverage Set Origin for your users and make it easy for the entire world to connect with them on your platform. Manage entries on Set Origin on behalf of your users through an easy to use API.

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